Leading nutritionist is bananas about BanaBay!

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Yvonne & BanabayWell known Nutrition Therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston of Foods for Life, a special guest at the forthcoming VegFest UK event in London this year, has recommended BanaBay bananas for food demonstrations at the event.

VegFest UK attracts thousands of visitors each year, where food and festival lovers can gain food and dietary advice from talks, cookery demos, workshops, films and kids’ cookery workshops. VegFest is the place to go for those looking for a healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Yvonne, who is one of a number of respected, high profile special guests and celebrities attending VegFest UK, has been involved in specifying ingredients for various cookery demonstrations, and will be delivering nutrition and lifestyle presentations over the course of the event.

“BanaBay came to my notice as a premium, high quality product that is grown on ethically managed plantations in Ecuador,” she said. “Clearly these are key considerations for me – and for the organisers of VegFest UK. “The bananas will be used on our smoothie bike, getting children and adults to pedal their own healthy and environment-friendly shakes”.

Mark O’Sullivan, Managing Director of BanaBay, a new banana brand which was only launched in the UK earlier this year, said he was delighted for BanaBay to be involved with VegFest UK, which is expected to see 10,0000 visitors this year.

“We are particularly pleased for BanaBay bananas to have been chosen as an ingredient in a healthy smoothie recipe, which will be demonstrated by Tim Barford and Neil Robinson, a former professional footballer for Everton. Bananas are highly valued by athletes in general and footballers in particular, so the association of the BanaBay brand at VegFest UK with healthy eating and sport is perfect!”

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston has over 20 years of experience in the healthy eating and nutrition industry. She has held key roles at Cranks (pioneers of vitality and health who started in London’s 1960’s groovy Carnaby Street) and The Food Doctor (London Nutrition Consultancy and Clinic). She set up Foods for Life 10 years ago and delivers corporate nutrition consultancy, educational workshops, personal nutritional therapy and catering consultancy. She is regularly quoted in the national press, magazines, radio and TV.

VegFest Smoothie Bike Recipe – plant-based, superfood energy

  • Coconut, hemp or oat milk
  • Banabay bananas
  • Berries
  • Bluegreen algae powder


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