BanaBay Studies Route to US Market

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BanaBay Studies Route to US Market


What is the secret to making it big in America?  Briony Dunmore, BanaBay’s Global Marketing Executive went to find out.


Sponsored by UKTI, she has just returned from a week long stint studying at Northwestern University in Chicago at the top ranked Kellogg School of Management learning all about establishing a fresh produce brand in the world’s most competitive market.


Imagine taking the most popular fruit in the world – bananas – and selling them in a mature and established marketplace?  Briony reports on what she discovered:


“The scholarship was absolutely amazing. I don’t think I realised how good the University was until I got there and it was obvious it’s one of the best business schools in the world – ranked number 3 in the US according to Forbes.


“The lecturers were world-class and the course was extremely intense. I learnt so much and I have no doubt my participation on this course will positively affect our business strategy.  It was a priceless experience in terms of my personal development.  I’m so grateful to the UKTI as I’d never have been given the chance to study abroad at such a prestigious university without them.”