BanaBay Keeps Tabs on Traceability

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To keep pace with its expanded sourcing footprint and growing customer base, BanaBay has invested in leading ERP management software, enabling it to chart the progress of its fruit throughout the entire supply chain and ensure complete product traceability.

Following a period of rapid growth, the global fruit grower and distributor is keen to maintain and enhance its high standards of customer service.

Mark O’Sullivan, BanaBay’s MD says: “Traceability is a key issue across the food industry. Consumers like to know where their fruit is coming from and in particular if there are any issues or queries we need to have complete visibility be in a position to identify and resolve them swiftly to keep our customers happy.”

The new ERP system also provides enhanced quality controls, auditing functionality as well as providing the latest grower and product availability; it represents a strategic investment by BanaBay, aimed at consolidating its market position in 2015 and focussing on strengthening customer relationships.

Going forward, the system will be able to improve traceability as more products are added to the range, which currently includes bananas, pineapples, plantains, baby bananas and mangoes, with limes and apples in prospect for 2015.

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